Residential Elevator Cost

Residential elevators can be considered a luxury that saves money. A typical elevator installed in a home will add $20,000 to $25.000 to the value of a home. In the new construction of a home or during major renovations a residential elevator can allow the builder to be more efficient in the design which can actually save you money.

If you need an elevator in your home to give greater mobility between floors to one or more of the occupants, you’ll save on the cost of relocating or building a new home to meet your needs. When you decide to sell the home you will more than recover the investment cost of your elevator. And in some cases if the elevator becomes a medical necessity, you’ll be able to take advantage of some tax benefits.

So as you can see investing in a Wiltek home elevator can turn out to be the smartest investment you’ll make in your home.

Don’t find yourself or loved ones isolated on the ground floor where they miss out on important family time as it takes place on the upper or lower levels of your home. A Wiltek elevator is more affordable than you may think and home elevators are more common place today than ever before. One day an elevator will be standard in every home because the cost fits most budgets and provides the convenience we all want in our home.

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