Home Elevator Installation Process

Wiltek has installed more than one thousand elevators nation wide and continues to be the residential elevator of choice by homeowners, architects and builders. We work with great builders like yourself every day to ensure our mutual client's satisfaction.

This is a builder's reference section, complete with technical drawings, downloadable PDFs,and other information to help you get an idea of what is needed in order to ensure the best set up for the installation of Wiltek residential elevators. All of this information can be found to the right, and also here:



Home Elevator Installation Process

This is a general walkthough of the normal elevator installation process as a reference point for both the contractor / builder, and the home owner.

Installation Process – Common Mistakes

Over the past 1000+ installs, we run into issues enough times that they are worth mentioning here - to help your building / installation process run more smoothly.

Home Elevator Diagrams

This is a collection of technical drawings and diagrams from framing to electrical set up.

3x5 Safety Rule

This is probably the biggest safety issue we've seen over the years - the proper distance between the outside of the elevator cab gate, and the inside of the shaft door - allowing small children to be safe around the elevator openings.

Elevator installers must be licensed in the state of the installation. We'll have our team contact you and sync up on elevator shipping times and installation lead times.

If you have further questions about the installation process - don't hesitate to call us at 770-384-9380.

Find out how fast and easy it is to get an elevator installed in your home. We have installers in your area ready to help you.

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