Why Consider a Wiltek Residential Elevator

We hear time and time again how happy our customers are to have increased mobility, freedom and peace of mind with their home elevator purchases.  But, there are a number of additional reasons why installing a residential elevator in your new or existing house is a fantastic decision.

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  • Affordability - A residential elevator is an elegant and affordable option for many homeowners looking to increase accessibility and mobility in their houses.  Wiltek Home Elevators are surprisingly affordable.

  • Age in Place - For many customers, a home elevator provides the homeowner with an alternative to moving out of their dwellings due to difficulty climbing stairs or accessing their entire house.  Wiltek Home Elevators allow you to love where you live again and age with dignity in the place you call home.  

  • Convenience - Residential elevators have an excellent load capability, makings them a safe, simple way to transfer heavy products, such as laundry, luggage or furniture between floors.

  • Expanded Choices - Many neighborhoods with high population density have 3 and 4 levels in their house and single story residences are not easy to find. As Wiltek Home Elevators can be installed in existing or new home construction, a residential elevator might be the perfect solution for home you’ve been looking to buy or build.

  • Increased Home Value - Residential elevators increase the value of any residence. It is a unique yet functional addition that makes your house a more attractive and marketable when you are ready to sell.  Make the smart investment with Wiltek Home Elevators

  • Mobility - For many homeowners, an elevator opens up a whole new world of possibilities by replacing stairs and giving them their entire house back. Mobility is freedom.  

  • Special Needs - Installing a personal elevator makes good sense for those with special needs or who use a wheelchair, giving them the ability to access their entire home. If you have a parent, spouse, child or other family member struggling with a special need, a residential elevator can make all the difference in the world. 


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About Wiltek Home Elevators

Wiltek's more than 40 years combined experience with commercial and residential elevators makes us a leader across the United States for home elevator solutions. Our personal elevators are custom manufactured to the specification needed for each and every home. Wiltek Home Elevator supplies domestic elevators that are designed to offer an elegant yet affordable methods of vertical transportation for multi-level houses. Each home elevator’s dependable, quiet and smooth operation is due to the quality of our manufacturing process. We offer a wide array of cab colors and finishes that are tailored to the design and decor or your home, making it an attractive addition to your home.

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