Toni B.

// Illinois

FOR OUR SICK SON: I purchased a Wiltek Home Elevator for our son who was born with cerebral palsy.  We built a new home last year and decided to purchase an elevator so that he could get up and down the stairs with his friends and our family.  We wanted the home to make him feel as independent as he could possibly be.  The Wiltek staff installed the elevator in a day and a half.  A huge thanks goes out to the staff that stayed until late hours of the night to make sure that the elevator was installed quickly.  This was after being on the road for over twelve days in a row.  Our elevator has been a great addition to our home.

Ari R.

// Florida

SATISFIED DREAM HOME BUILDER:  I live in Florida and we recently built our dream house. We had Wiltek Install our home elevator. We were very impressed with the price and quality of the elevator we received. We have already had it for 8 months now without any issue. The Wiltek Home Elevators website is great and gives a layperson some really good information regarding different options that a homeowner has. If I ever need an elevator again, I know I would call Wiltek again. Even though their factory is not located in my area, the process online and over the phone was so easy and smooth that it felt like I was dealing with a local vendor - but for a price that local vendors could never beat.

Roger W.

// Tennessee

GOT MY MOBILITY BACK - I am a 62 year old man who became a paraplegic 8 years ago due to an injury. My wife and I live in a house that we built 26 years ago in a location that we really like. In the last few years my condition has deteriorated to the point where we were faced with a decision. We either had to renovate this house to make it more handicapped accessible or move. We struggled with this decision for a long time. We finally decided to renovate. The first part of the renovation was to install an elevator.  We researched the internet, talked to house remodelers, and heard about Wiltek from a house remodeler. We settled on Wiltek because they custom build the elevator cab in place. This allows them to make the best use of space when fitting an elevator into an existing home. They were willing to work with us to make the completed installation fit well with the house.  We told them that we were going to have hardwood flooring installed after the elevator was done and this would probably require a stop position adjustment. After the flooring was complete their technician came back and adjusted the stop position to match the flooring exactly. This makes getting in and out of the elevator in my wheelchair perfectly smooth, there is no transition bump. People in wheelchairs (or if you lean on a rolling walker hard) appreciate smooth transfers.  We would recommend Wiltek Home Elevators if you are considering getting an elevator installed.

Nelson P.

// Louisiana

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT: I just wanted you to know how pleased we are with our Wiltek installed elevator. Since our main living area is on the second floor, we use it frequently and now wonder how we ever did without it! After my wife’s complaining of the many trips up and down the stairs to bring in the groceries, last year we decided it was definitely “elevator time.” We researched various companies and had personal visits from some to explain their product and to answer our questions. This is when we learned of the various types of elevators, load capacities, maintenance requirements, etc.  After completing our research, Wiltek stood out for its reasonable pricing, quality hydraulic product, and responsiveness to our questions.  When we built our home a few years ago, one of the best decisions we made was to create an internal elevator shaft for later usage. So after making our decision, we only needed the custom-built elevator to be built and installed.  Our elevator is a “stand out” and never fails to get a positive response whenever guests take a ride!  We would definitely recommend Wiltek for your quality elevator product, a very competitive pricing structure, and knowledgeable employees.  Thanks for making our lives so much easier, plus the fact that having a home elevator is always a “crowd pleaser.”

Bob P.

// Texas

INCREDIBLE SUPPORT: When moving back to our hometown we were dissatisfied with the available one-story homes, but since my wife was partially handicapped - and I didn’t enjoy stairs either - we were reluctant to look at two-story homes. We were familiar with the ugly, stairway-mounted conveyances, and didn’t want to ruin a beautiful, formal staircase with that kind of contraption. I had assumed that home elevators were probably limited and overly expensive, but we still found ourselves online, browsing home elevators. At about the same time that we found our dream home - a quirky two-story Victorian house on a golf course in our favorite neighborhood - I discovered Wiltek Home Elevators, and began a dialogue with Jamie, the Sales Representative. I was especially amazed to learn that the elevator didn’t have to be as compact as a phone booth (if you’re old enough to remember those) and that the price range was surprisingly affordable for us, as middle-class retirees. After studying the interior installation options on the helpful Wiltek website, I studied our new home and found a spot that looked ideally workable for an elevator shaft.  Jamie then visited the house and confirmed that the location would be ideal—ground floor entry would be near a (ramped) rear entrance, and also accessible from the living room. The second floor entry/exit would be into our large upstairs game room. Although we had a few weeks between closing on the new house and actually moving in, the Wiltek folks (including their excellent shaft installer) worked so efficiently within our time frame that the elevator was installed and available for the actual move-in - to the amazement and delight of our movers, who were able to use the elevator’s 950-pound load capacity to carry everything from stacks of boxes to furniture (including, for example, an overstuffed loveseat!).  The Wiltek Home Elevator has essentially allowed us to own a home which we could not have enjoyed without an elevator—and without compromising the home’s natural style, since both elevator entries use doors which were already in place. Guests are always amazed when we open what they expect to be a closet door, to reveal a very roomy elevator!  We’ve probably dealt with a half-dozen members of the Wiltek Team (in addition to the installation crew) and they have been as friendly and cooperative as our first contact, Jamie. We would certainly consider another Wiltek Home Elevator, if we were not so convinced that we’re living in our “last home.”  Our assumption that elevators would be prohibitively expensive may have been based on our knowledge of short-term rentals in a nearby resort town (Galveston) where homes with elevators often rent for twice as much as those with stairs only  which suggests that an elevator will enhance the resale (or rental) value of a home far beyond the actual investment. We would enthusiastically recommend this company, their products, and their people to anyone needing a home elevator because of disability or - like me - because of a belief that stairs may provide an attractive architectural highlight, but no fun to climb on a daily basis.  Thanks, Wiltek!

Carrie R.

// Pennsylvania

ARCHITECT WITH EXISTING HOME: I am an interior designer with a marketing and design company. My client and I are very happy that we selected Wiltek Home Elevators for their project.  We had conversations with, and bids from, several companies, and found Wiltek to be very cooperative and helpful in the decision making process.  They were able to adjust their sizes and orientations to fit our situation.  Our installation was to an existing home which had already had an addition, but was still using the old, narrow staircase.  The Husband’s condition was rapidly deteriorating so we had to work fast to make it possible for him to get upstairs to his bedroom and bath or we would have had to create an interim bedroom on the main floor level. We also needed a way to get his wheelchair into the first level from the driveway outside. We designed the elevator shaft into the existing home so that it looks like it was always a part of the building as a side entrance thus giving us the ability to have the two-sided cab. This is where Wiltek was very helpful.  Their representative came to the residence and assisted us in establishing a three stop, two-sided, system which allowed the homeowner to enter from outside, rise the 3 step level to the main floor, and then continue up to the bedroom level if he desired.  We were happy that we could purchase the cab plain and have it finished to our specifications by our own carpenter.  All of the hardware, connections and functions were finished by Wiltek’s installers and the elevator could be used immediately.  We then had time to design the inside and have it finished.  I must also congratulate Wiltek’s installers for their prompt house call to solve an electrical glitch which occurred about a year after the installation during a lightning storm.  It was only a reset that was needed; but they responded immediately and had it working right away. We are completely satisfied with the service, attention to detail, and price of the elevator.  All of the Wiltek people who were on our team were very professional and so nice to the homeowners when they came to the residence.

Karl C.

// Texas

RECLAIMED MY SPACE AND LIFE: My knees were damaged in an auto accident making climbing my stairs very painful, so the second floor of my home was lost space to me. I had a Wiltek Home Elevator installed and it has made life in my current home more enjoyable and less painful on my legs.  Everyone at Wiltek was wonderful.  Our salesman was on time and answered all our questions clearly. Wayne was exceptional!  The existing trim in the house was discontinued and he was able to replicate it perfectly for the elevator shaft. Wayne was on time and did a marvelous job. Joe was the best! He was the mechanical installer and troubleshooter for the elevator. Joe was professional, on time, and went beyond his job to make sure we were happy and okay with the elevator. The whole process was easy and our Wiltek unit is my favorite feature of our home. Overall, Wiltek was Excellent!!

Donald C.

// Kentucky

BEST VALUE AND PROFESSIONALISM: I wanted to take a moment to send you this letter of thanks! When I found myself in need of an elevator, the prospect seemed overwhelming, but after speaking with several firms I found Wiltek Home Elevators. I found confidence in Jamie's professionalism and the information he provided helped me to understand exactly what installing my residential elevator would take. The upfront quote Jamie provided sealed the deal and Wiltek provided the best value by a mile.  I am 50 years old and I can't tell you how many times the sales department of a firm outsells the abilities of the firms they represent. My sales Representative, Jamie, on the other hand, could not possibly do that!  I had to have an internal elevator shaft installed in an existing home. The elevator shaft remodeling and preparation work was done by a local contractor who told me that the specifications Wiltek provided were clear and structurally excellent. My contractor told me that the folks at Wiltek were anxious to answer any and all questions and provide guidance in a timely and professional manner. I bought the Wiltek home elevator to meet the needs of my wife who has Alzheimer's. This allowed her to stay in our home - an older house in a beautiful neighborhood surrounded by friends, and gave her much happiness. Building the external elevator shaft on our site was very problematic for us, but for the Wiltek staff, it was no problem at all. They were great to work with from start to finish, for me and for my contractor and crew. We have had great service from the elevator for 2 years. I would recommend this company and its people to anyone.

Ellie Y.

// Indiana

FLAWLESS/INCREDIBLE PRODUCT: The people in the Wiltek shipping and scheduling department kept me informed and performed as promised. Probably the brightest spot of my Wiltek elevator experience was the installation crew. It is so important that construction personnel understand that they are working in a person's home and to treat the home with respect, and CLEAN-UP after themselves. I was so happy with your crew; I wish every home service technician could be as professional as the guys from Wiltek. My Wiltek elevator system has worked flawlessly!! When I have a bad experience, or a product or service that doesn't live up to it intended use, I make myself heard and complain, so when I have a good experience I feel equally obligated to let the firm know.  Jamie, thank you!! Wiltek departments and staff, thank you!! I am thrilled with my Wiltek home elevator and would recommend Wiltek to anyone who needs a residential elevator.

Charles H.

// Georgia

PEACE OF MIND, BEST INVESTMENT: I was very pleased with the way Wiltek took a personal interest in the project and I couldn't be more pleased with the installation. It was an external shaft and it has now provided me with the ability to go from our garage level to our main floor and then on up to our master bedroom on the second floor with ease. I would highly recommend Wiltek to anyone who has an interest in making what could be one of their best investments and also give them the peace of mind that they will be ready to deal with any health issues that they might be faced with down the road.

Ted H.

// New York

ALTERNATIVE TO STAIRS: Our elevator has been in for a year now and we are very pleased with the performance. My wife has multiple sclerosis and cannot do stairs so we needed an elevator.  I searched the Internet and REMI made the most sense to us. Thanks to Michele and Joe at REMI we have an elevator that we are very happy with. I highly recommend the elevator to anyone who is thinking about having one.

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