Residential Elevator Benefits

What was once considered a luxury item, home elevators are now a convenience for many homeowners. A residential elevator adds comfort to your home and improves the aesthetic appeal.  With the growing number of baby boomers reaching their golden years, mobility has become a major concern. Home elevators provide the necessary mobility needed for the elderly to remain in their homes longer.

Residential Elevators – A valuable Addition To Any Home

There are many benefits to installing an elevator in your new build or existing home:

  • Mobility – Physical disabilities force many homeowners into single story ranch style homes because of the challenges associated with moving from one floor level to another. An elevator gives individuals with special needs greater mobility, freedom and independence.
  • Convenience – An elevator installed in your home can make life easier for the entire family. Most families have a busy lifestyle and a home elevator provides that extra convenience when moving from floor to floor.
  • Transport Heavy Goods – Residential elevators have a heavy load capacity so they can be used to transport heavy furniture, groceries and other heavy loads between floors. This can minimize the risk of accidents and back injuries as a result of carrying heavy items up or down the stairs.
  • Increase Home Value – An elevator in your home will undoubtedly increase the value of your home. Planning ahead with an elevator allows occupants to remain in their homes longer as manipulating the stairs becomes more difficult as we get older.

There is little doubt that a residential elevator provides many benefits that far outweigh the cost of installing an elevator in your home.

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