Home Elevator 3x5 Safety Rule

The 3×5 rule is the most important safety code when installing Wiltek home elevators. yet it is the most commonly overlooked by builders and remodelers.

What does the 3×5 rule mean?

The 3×5 rule means the distance between the outside of the elevator cab gate, which rides with the elevator cab and the inside of the elevator shaft door which is located on each landing floor.

When the elevator shaft door is in the closed position and the elevator cab gate is in the closed position the distance between the closed door and the closed gate can be no more than 5 inches.

If the threshold is more than 5 inches it creates an alcove, allowing a small child to stand on the ledge of the elevator threshold between the closed elevator cab gate and the closed shaft door.

Even though all elevator safety features have been met. It is critical that this alcove be no more than 5 inches. If your builder or remodeler violates the 3×5 rule, this will prevent a Wiltek installation company from installing your Wiltek home elevator.


Please consult a Wiltek sales rep for futher details.

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